HERO DOGS OF 9/11 Docudrama Special

The untold stories of North America's remarkable working dogs who saved survivors at Ground Zero. (1 x 45' Stand Alone Special)  (6 x 60'  In Development - WORLD'S GREATEST HERO DOGS) HERO DOGS OF 9/11 for the first time reveals the unknown true stories of three survivors and the legacies of working dogs that saved these lives at Ground Zero during the September 11, 2001 crisis and aftermath. The documentary features three main stories: - Blind office worker Michael Hingson is led by his seeing-eye dog Roselle on a treacherous decent of 78 flights of stairs to escape only moments before the towers collapse; - Lt. David Lim of the NY Port Authority Police is called to duty with his bomb-sniffing dog Sirius whose fate is left to one defining moment; - And the amazing heroic recovery story of how dogs found Genelle Guzman-McMillan, the last remaining survivor of 9/11 who was pinned under the rubble for 27 hours after the buildings collapsed.