Tv Series  | 5 Episodes | Runtime:  30m

Welcome to the LOTZA preschool series. LOTZA was created to entertain and inspire young kids with FUN, COLORFUL VIDEOS, IMAGES and ANIMATION. The LOTZA series has virtually no words, which makes it ideal for localizing worldwide.LOTZA is filled with lots of things that preschoolers adore and love tosee…LOTZA trains, LOTZA dogs, LOTZA boats and more!LOTZA entertains kids with a vast compilation of captivating video, moving images & animation setto happy and uplifting musical themes.LOTZA is a unique interactive activity motivator for children aged 0-4 years old. LOTZA was created and developed bytwo loving dads –one dad’s baby loved dogs and the other dad’s baby loved trains. Both dads looked everywhere for a series about dogs and trains though they could not find any that featured live action dogs and trains appropriate for baby viewing. That’s how the LOTZA brand was born and it has been an instant hit for their early preschool kids and other families ever since!