THE DEERSKINS is rated # 1 in Canada on APTN / 8pm Sat. time slot, inspired by a sprinkle of The Simpsons and a touch of Family Guy.Hilarity and absurdity collide when a highly educated and unorthodox native family is forced off the reserve into a working class town. When they try to mix in with their multicultural neighbours in the city of CHEDDARVILLE things get really wacky. Dad goes by the name of THUNDER, who is a world famous television star; his wife DAWNA is a gifted surgeon. They have two children, SUMMER, a supermodel daughter and PHOENIX, their boy wonder son. THE DEERSKINS is a clever prime time animation series with unique story lines that pokes fun at everyday issues in zany ways and also takes cultural stereotyping to an absurd level that no one can stop laughing at.